3 Beans

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Shed 6A
90 Wellesley Street West

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri, 7.30am-4.00pm
Sat & 
Sun, Closed


+64 9 524 0946






3 Beans

Founded by owner Jonny McKessar in 2010, 3 Beans are a boutique coffee roastery, now based in the newly redeveloped City Works Depot, Central Auckland. We are committed to serving our customers a truly excellent cuppa and believe it is important to understand the origins of the industry and the lives of coffee farmers. That’s why our team travel regularly to the depths of South and Central America and have lived on two unique coffee farms in Peru and Colombia. We continue to keep in touch with these farmers and maintain an ongoing relationship. Read more about the 3 Beans story here. Here at 3 Beans, Jonny runs a dedicated team of coffee geeks constantly pursuing a product that reflects their passion. Each batch of green beans are hand selected, roasted with love on our 1923 Whitmee 30kg roaster, tasted, blended, packed and delivered fresh. All in a day’s work! But it doesn’t just stop with espresso – we are continually exploring different origins through varying filter methods and get a little bit excited when sharing these with customers. So pop down for a cuppa and get a closer look at what we do! Check out our delicious blends (Raging Rhino), or our Single Origins.